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It can be very hard to find "ready to race" used snipes. Below are some links. Keep an eye on the pages, eventually
something interesting will come up.

Snipe for sale                                Date: 10-05-2023
Racing ready DB Marine DB-R1 Snipe |DEN 31625| 2020

• Sidewinder Gold Mast 2020
• Persson Mini Max boom 2020
• Adjustable Sidewinder Spreaders + proctor spares
• Complete (racing sheets etc)
• DB Marine rudder 2020
• DB Marine Centerboard 2020
• Persson beach trolley (new carpets)
• Road trailer 2020 (13 inch whhels)
• Zaoli Sails M10 Main & Jib – race condition
• Olimpic sails to race (CRC + GTM main) – race condition
• PL Sails R2 Jib - race condition
• Rope protection back of centerboard trunk
• Top cover, Transport bottom and top cover. Mast, boom, tiller, centerboard & rudder covers
• Raymarine Micro Compass
• Absolutely race ready and flawless
• Placed 2. at the Nordic Championship 2022
• 100% prof off water
• Price: EUR 12.500 €

See more: PRESS HERE

Contact: Henrik Wulff
Telephone: +4522760553
e-mail: hwulff@hwulff.dk

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